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Summer [Jun. 30th, 2007|11:42 am]
[Current Location |Home]
[mood |blankblank]
[music |Some song about Charlie Brown? I dunno. Mom put it on.]

This year was pretty great.
Heh heh, a lot better than last year.
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Ohh, just the regular stuff [Nov. 25th, 2006|11:10 pm]
[mood |gloomygloomy]
[music |fuckin neighbors banging around.]

I am liking life right now.
It has been good to me :).
And my sheets smell like heaven.

Although...thinking of all the good things makes me think of bad stuff too. Like my mom is a whore. and my sister is sad :(. I love my sister so much.

Oh well.


School is fantastic. I love my math class with Ms.Champion. She is so great and I finally got my grade up to an A. Thank god. I was on the brink of hysteria there. Band is great even though it is a new teacher. I think he's fine. Even if it does look like he stuffs his pants. I guess he can't help having a big penis...
My Biology:animal science class is okay. Ms.Lewis finally stopped wearing v-neck shirts, so I don't have to see her nasty sagging cleavage. *not a pretty sight* I'm getting used to Mrs.Decker, my english teacher.Honors English:D. Now that she has actually told us that she smuggled bibles into china, I am a bit weirded out.(before it was just a rumor). Why can't she let the little asians worship Buddha and shit? Stupid fanatical teacher.

grah. Clint punched me in the back so hard on Wednesday. While I was writhing in pain he tried to massage it to make it feel better, but somehow it made it feel even mooooore painful. Now my back has a bruise.

The people on the other side of this duplex are banging a LOT. How fucking annoying is that.
Someone should nuke those fuckers...but then that'd take out my house too...unless it was done with *Extreme Precision*.

I've met a bunch of pretty great people.:D Andy is one of my favorite friends now. I hang out with him for like, half the day (3rd, 4th period and the bus). It's pretty great.
Oh! And I had a crush on this guy in my math class that lasted about a week! I am starting to help him a bunch with math and stuff now though cause he isn't very smart in the math area.Heh heh. I'm startin' to feel like a normal teenager.:) Woop.

Ohhh, and Thanksgiving just happened. I got sick the day before it and I felt so horrible. It sucked. But I am feeling much better now.
Yeah, so my grandpa and grandma and uncle and his girlfriend for about 6 years came over. It was nice. Liz gave me the abosolute best back massage in the world cause I was feeling sick. I just layed there on the couch while she sat on my butt for about 30 minutes. Then my grandpa massaged my feet since he said my sinuses would feel better or something. I felt so relaxed and content.And THEN my friend Amrei picked me up so that we could hang out together at her mom's friends' party. There were only little kids there and they beat up on me those mother fucking BASTARDS.

This little turd smear had some slingshot and he whipped my arm with it and I had frickin LASH MARKS on my arm. and when I was sitting the fuckheads ran up and kicked me in the back.

So then later I was lying on my back when the innocent little girl we were being nice to decided to sit on my stomach. *Not* a nice,"oh, I think I'll just lower myself down to this nice comfy stomach". Nooooooooo, it was a "I think I'll just fall unexpectedly on this person's stomach and hope it cushions my butt. So yeah. I felt like I had to barf. Such pain from such small people.

But after the party, amrei and her little brother and I played Monopoly. She kicked our asses so bad. she had $9,000 in the end. I spent that night, and the next night there. Time went by so fast on our futon.

I totally didn't get to hang out with my friend Josh. He was finally down here in Yelm for his Thanksgiving and we were gonna hang out. I was soooo excited... but then I talked to him online an hour ago and he isn't in Yelm anymore. he was busy and i wasn't here. Fuckaroo.
Talking to people online sucks when you never see them.

Yeah. now i feel sad because no one is in the house and not seeing josh sucks. and my elbow hurts cause elaine keeps pulling the skin and then it starts to itch after a while and sting.

I have to feel cheery.
I'll go watch Black Adder!! It's that guy, Mr.Bean starring in this British show.
It's so funny. I don't know what I'd do without British television.
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Make like a banana and SPLIT. [Mar. 17th, 2006|08:09 pm]
[mood |enthralledenthralled]
[music |quiet silence : (]

Geez....I seem to be an angry hormonal teenager lately. That seems to be the normal of these days for everyone else,but I never thought I'd actually yell at the mother. And call her a fucking bitch.
Sigh....but in a way, she deserves it.

Uuuuhgh. Our band sucks so bad. People that sit there and call the band gay piss me off a lot. Especially Clint. "Oh,well,I can't hold a sectional cause of baseball." Fuck baseball. You know they need it. I almost wish I was still there. Mr.Lawrenson made me feel really good the other day because he was saying to the sax section,"Ever since Jenny left I've noticed that you guys*the first row* have gotten lazier,etc..."
I just sat there and inhaled the musty scent of my french horn. Enjoying the praise like a little

I like my french horn. Even though it smells...undescribable.Not really sure.Old,yet,ummm. I don't know. You'd have to smell for yourself.

Grrr,some people really bug me. Like Mashawn. He has like,a "little boy" crush on me or something. Or used to. Not sure. But everytime he sees me he'll run up and touch me somehow. Whether it's punching or hugging. And sometimes he stares. I thought I used to like him. But now I am truly repulsed. He is probably going to grow up to be a wife-beater. and they just plain suck.

I wish I had someone to talk to online. Josh left. and so did his cousin. Subway. Pffft. Subway can go suck on an egg. Most likely a oversteroidized egg from those crazy people at KFC. Oh,it used to be soo good. Crispy chicken. Mashed potatos. Green beans. COLESLAW IS THE STUPIDEST THING IN EXISTENCE...

I've recently obsessed over those phrases. "Just go suck on an egg." and "Make like a banana and split".
Good fun they are.

I feel kinda weird when I'm friends with the "popular kids" and the "geeks" and we're all standing together. They don't really mix. Amrei doesn't even talk to half of them curse her. I don't know what to do if she doesn't have anything to do other than go to my house all the time for video games. I just got tired of playing with her and made her play one-player. She still sucks at those too. Need someone to play Halo 2 with and all that good crap. In fact, I should just get more video games. I have money.

Yeah. So my mega-person. He's frickin cool. We love each other. He told me that I'm his best friend today. I find that odd. Him and Clint are like,friends. I think. Yeah,he's like..."if we had kids Jenny,they'd either be tall and smart,or short and stupid." I think the latter would be most unfortunate.
Elaine hates his guts. I don't know why. I just recently learned how to spell his name right. Tre-VAR. not Trevor. Stupid me. Hah,what am I saying? I'm not that stupid.

Hehehe...some lame jokes to entertain you!
"What do you get when 2 leprecauns talk to each other?"
Short Talk!! aHAR a HAR aHAR.
I love lame jokes. Somehow,they manage to be sooo entertaining.

Uuugh. Had a completely microwaved leftovers dinner. I'm so pathetic. I barely ever cook.
Mum said she was going to cook me stuff,but since she is stupid and didn't think about the time,she had to rush to go out and party. What's the rush? The party will still be there...
Yeah,so she's like,Jenny,since I had to rush,you make yourself dinner.
I was like "dang..ok."

This is turning out to be looong.Oo! Elaine and I were walruses on Thursday! With carrots. Jessica took the pictures,so I'll post it on myspace later. I love Elaine.*in the non-lesbian way*

Hefhfhh...still haven't even written about Just. No,his name is not Justin. Just JUST. yes,it is weird.
I used to go to CSE with him in like,5th grade and we were best friends. But then we separated. went to different schools. And his sister Mattie is my good friend too. yeah,so I started talking to her on myspace and asked about Just and she had him email me.

So we admitted that we had crushes on each other back when we knew each other. Little embarressing. But seriously,it's online. THEN he got a myspace. Now he tells me that he is in love with me. He's so nice about it..I feel bad. So a few days ago his mom and him were driving in my neighborhood right when I had gotten off the schoolbus and was walking home. So I had some pleasant conversation with his mother(she's nice) and he got out and hugged me. He still tells me he loves me. I'm not used to this kind of stuff.

I love boring old man Josh. He makes the stupidest comments sometimes. In spanish...drool..smart.*even though I hate spanish* Last time I was talking to him and Bryden he said something like"Yo gusto blaho blaho blah..." so I asked Bryden what it meant. he's like"Um,I pleasure myself daily."
Hahaha. So now Bryden thinks I'm crazy freak perv. But that's ok. I laughed. Josh is funny.

Goin to the draaag show!! Tomooorrooow! Wish I could Siiiiing! Gonna buy some haairr dyyyye! HECK YES!
With flashy hands.

Hmmm,if I get bored enough,I may just watch the Mikado. I'll get to see that expert curtain job. aHEM.
That's right. It's alllll me. Savanah may have replaced me in cue call,but they'll NEVER take my curtain away. See,the technique was to make it a fluid motion...one hand over the other in a steady rhythm.

Aagh...I have been writing for like,30 min. What an exciting life I lead. Cough.
If I think of anything later..I'll just update again!
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A fork in the shit hole. [Feb. 11th, 2006|10:01 pm]
Mum is being a stupid whorebag again. I asked her if the meat that has been frozen for about half a year would be okay to eat,and she said,"Jenny! You are SICK. Of course it is fine to eat." She hates me sometimes.It's a bit depressing. Another lovely quote."God Jenny,sometimes I really just want to bash your head in." I hate being near her when she's on the phone. She flirts and it pisses me off. If she thinks she made a funny joke,She'll turn real fast and look at me,expecting me to laugh. But of course I don't. I don't know what the fuck she is talking about. Today she slept and talked to people on the internet. Then she slept. Then I woke her up because she said she was going out with friends and she still had to take a shower.So she went back to the laptop instead. I told her 20 minutes later she had to get ready if she actually wanted to get there on time. Instead she tells me off for "telling her when she has to get off the laptop,when she has to shower,and when she has to get up." I should just stay out of her business. I hate Mike3 and Mike5 and the rest of the Mikes.I hate Marty,that has a motorcycle.I hate Scott,that is a commercial pilot and likes horses. I hate Craig,who was really deep,but turned out too shy for her. I hated Klause,who didn't want to base their realtionship on sex. I hate that guy and his wife,Sherry,I don't know what the fuck they all did together,but now they aren't friends.I hated Charles,just cause he had white hair and wore shirts with wolves and feathers on them. I ESPECIALLY hate Mike3 because I heard them "doing it". i hate Mike5 cause he is a fucked up dad who's 14 yr old did drugs and sold porn at school and ran away,and then when they caught him he ran away again. I hated Rolf cause they made out in one of those movable homes. And in the park. And in the car. I hate that one guy that she told me she made out with on the living room floor. I'm pretty sure it was Mike3. I hate Dave who was tall and she actually measured HIM on OUR kitchen wall with the FAMILY names. WTF? And I hate how she flirts with younger guys. Like my age. Ew. I'm feeling a lot of hatred tonight. I love my sister though. That's good.
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(no subject) [Dec. 22nd, 2005|08:49 pm]
[mood |mellowmellow]
[music |My cat is purring pretty loud.]

Winter break is pretty cool. On Monday I think we're having a party. But that's an overstatement. My friends can't do parties. We aren't party people. We could be if we tried really hard with lots of alcohol. But their parents would freak out if they knew. Not Amrei's though.They are cool. Poor Jada...living such a sheltered life. Her parents fucking HATE me. I can't really help it if they are so paranoid. They came up with this lame excuse so she couldn't come to my birthday party because people cough on the food in Old Country Buffet and there are lots of viruses so they don't want their baby to get sick. Grrr. They think I do drugs and drink or something. That only happened once and I don't drink hardly at all now. Stupid Tards.

Yes,I am done being pissed.Onto more...Happy topics.

I watched 2 movies today. I barely remember watching Spiceworld when I was 9 or something,but this time was way better because I actually understood most of the stuff. Then we watched Mr and Mrs. Smith. It was good.

Elise gave me a kickass shirt yesterday. It has this smiling pig on the front. I love it.

I'm kinda bored. I'll have to find something to entertain myself.....video games.But I don't feel like it right now.sigh
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(no subject) [Dec. 15th, 2005|04:07 pm]
[mood |confusedWhyWasn'tTheCascadePlaceOpen?]
[music |Oldies station....so..addictive...]

I got a ride to the game!Yippee for Jenny!At least I think I have a ride.. oh and he is getting my blue shoelaces today..maybe I could get him to pick up ICO for me and pay him back later..but I don't know how much it is or even his phone number.nevermind then.I doubt he'll ever find them because I looked for ages and NEVER found them.

I hope Liz is having a fun time with Elise. She damn well better.I spent about half my money on her(mm,more like $25),but that's ok because she is my sister. I still have no idea what to get mom.And I'm not even gonna bother with dad(maybe I'll make him a card) because we aren't even going to see him.:(

I walked to the stupid Cascade place to get his pokemon cards because he is going through a faze or something with them..AND THE FUCKING PLACE WASN'T EVEN OPEN.So Amrei and I walked home instead of taking the bus.WITHOUT THE CARDS. But we did get to drop by the middle school cause I wanted to see old teachers,but by then only Mrs.Montgomery was the only one there and I really wanted to see Ms.Davis.
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Broke again:(.... [Dec. 14th, 2005|07:32 pm]
[mood |gigglymellow...and bouncy?]
[music |Oldies station(It's so damn fun!)]

Yes,I have almost spent about 80 dollars ON MY FRIENDS. That sucks ass. But I do have this warm tingly feeling.Wait no,I don't have to pee anymore.(haha,just kidding,I didn't just wet myself) But giving presents to people makes me happy. Clint was really happy and doesn't think any of his other friends will remember to, but the week isn't over yet so he is retarded.

There's a basketball game this friday,so I think I'll have to convince someone to pick me up or just walk.

We had a firedrill today in second period. I saw my friends James and Skyler. They are pretty cool,but I feel kindof young around them because they are juniors and all. Actually, I feel young around ALL the juniors and seniors.Like Jamie. Her B-day was today!! She's 17 I think and she is going to get a tattoo! Haha,that'd suck if she gets all old and wrinkly and stuff and then it looks all gross.But of course she could just get it removed...

DRROOL-Amrei is probably going to get Jade Empire for me because she wants to play it too and it is fun!
And IF Clint doesn't get me blue shoelaces then he'll buy me Splinter Cell:Chaos Theory. I love video games. But that's probably why I'm kindof messed up...or maybe it was the Jones Soda.

Oooo...earlier tonight some little bugger rang the doorbell and ran off. I didn't actually see them,but the stupid gits have done it before.Grrr.So I was wandering around outside in the cold dark but I guess they ran off really fast.Bastards.
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The Jacket..... [Dec. 12th, 2005|08:56 pm]
[mood |pleasedpleased]
[music |Lounge-Against the Machine]

I NEED that fucking jacket.

Haha,I'm listening to some louge music and that guy is like...I'm gonna penetrate you,I wanna fuck you like an animal.Hahaha...

I have a new friend!! James. That's his name. I made him a card and it is the bestest card I have ever made. So I'm going to have to come up with something EXTRA cool for Liz and Elise.That's gonna be a toughie.

I wrapped some people's presents.And I got pics with all my friends!! I'll put it on my binder.
Sigh..I was BRIMMING with ideas of what to write but then Liz distracted me(I still love her) so I forgot everything.
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Haven't updated much... [Dec. 9th, 2005|03:54 pm]
[mood |highEcstatic Love!]
[music |Jenny's breathing(still thinking about the jacket...)]

Yeah,I kinda was really into this for about a week there, but now I've become bored by it again.

Yay!I'm getting blue shoelaces from Clint for Christmas!! I'm buying him a six pack of Monster energy drinks. elaine wants that Japanese rice candy that makes me drool.....oh god...David wants Teen Titan game,but I'll probably get that after Christmas.Skyler and James,sigh,what am I supposed to get for Skyler?I have no idea what kind of book he'll want.Or James..There's tons of anime out there..That'd be a creepy nightmare.Drowning in a sea of manga.*shudder* Becky wants some Gary Allen CD..ew,she said it's country music.Maybe I should just surprise her and get her techno or 60's music.OOo,Amrei gave me her stress brain thingie,and I love it very much. Clint held onto it in band and wouldn't let me squeeze it. Stupid bum didn't bring his mouthpiece today so I had to play next to him and Drew. Then they both kept licking their fingers and sticking them in my ears.Hahaha,I got them back a few times though.oh,That reminds me..I don't know what to get for Drew,Staci,maybe Jessica,and a few others.

Yeah,I was standing with Skyler today,and then Squirrel or something(I have no idea what his name was)jumped up and stuff.Then he was like.."oo Skyler wants to ask you out" Stupid little git. So it was a bit embaressing.But then I saw Amrei.I think she's spending the night tonight.That means Chris doesn't have to go all the way to her house to pick us up. I get to see Chris!Yay! We're going shopping at the mall.And I'm going to see Shekie!!! It'll be maybe the first time I'll have seen her since the summer.

Oh god..I've fallen in love<3<3<3<3<3<3(those are hearts)
I think I shall have to rape Tom's jacket.
I don't know how it happened.
He's been wearing it for a week or so
But today,I just really LOOKED at it
It was ecstasy.........
I could even hint that..oh,how shall I say it?
Anyone wearing that jacket is sexy.
If I wore that jacket,I would be sexy.(haha,not really)
If that little fucker Sebastain wore it..no..it wouldn't overcome my hatred for him
It's so normal and boring,but..I don't know,I love it.
I was just standing there,watching him play with the zipper
and then he took off the underneath layer.It was still sexy.
yeah,I'm going to have to get me a jacket like that.
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(no subject) [Nov. 23rd, 2005|04:52 pm]
Xbox 360 came out.
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